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November 3, 2010
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Round 2, Nov. Desk, 10.10 by Rasa13 Round 2, Nov. Desk, 10.10 by Rasa13
slight change in plans.. lol

well, not really..

I liked how it looked so much, I mimicked it on my 2nd desktop.

Ubuntu 10.10

Only now, Ive got jurialmunkeys [link]
new Divergence IV, A New Hope , Theme!!

It is amazing! :wow:
Cant believe how awesome it is. lol :D

Icons~ Web0
by ~naf1971

WallPaper~ [link]

AWN/w Lucido style, by Albyrock [link]žion=&global=1&q=AWN+Lucido#/d2pgte8
themed by yours truly. lol
Here is the AWN theme if anyone wants. [link]

Thanks soo much everyone!
I love it! lol :hug:
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raelislington Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
This looks great, so I want to emulate it a bit--mostly your dock (I assume that IS AWM at the top of your screen there? And that is with the Lucido style applied?) By my AWM looks nothing like that when I apply the style. I'm a total noob with linux, so I'm just wondering if I'm missing something or doing something wrong? Mine ended up a tiny curved dock with silver "mirror" floor, thick white lines around it and all in a purple box.
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
(in reply to my last post)

So here is the post from UF~
with pictures added to show what to do.

Im not sure if you can view them without being a forum member, but you probably can.

If not, let me know.

I forgot~
You can also download the AWN theme I have up in the description also,
(rather than the last one i linked you to)
if you want your dock to look like that.

Let me know if you need help.

raelislington Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
Got it sorted--thanks so much!

...and after all that work, I think I might go with Kubuntu instead of Maverick anyway. XD
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
haha! :lmao:

No problem.
glad you got it sorted.

Kubuntu is also good.
I just don't like the KDE environment much.

But I feel that anything with Ubuntu as its base~
Is a beautiful thing! lol :D

G'luck mate. <3

raelislington Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010
I'm liking the environment so far. I'm wanting to build my own theme, though, and I can't find ANY good resources/tutorials for how to do that. The graphics, obviously, I can handle. It's what to do with them I've got no clue about. Know of any good tutorials for the procedures? I want to do a whole Plasma theme and also new window decorations.
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010
even though i dont like the enviro much for my own use..
it is definitely a beautiful, well done desktop environment. No doubt about that.

I also don't know much about creating themes,
But I do have some links saved,
for the day I feel inspired enough to pursue it.. lol

(i think you need to know C++ though)
which I do not.

Most of the links i have are for GTK/metacity, but I did save some KDE related ones.

Here is an interesting thing for creating plasma themes..
but ive no idea how well it works,
or if it even works at all.

but it does look interesting..
Plasma Theme Generator~

Here is a "7 easy steps" guide to creating your own plasma themes~
and another link from the same place,
also good info,
albeit over my head..

I swear i had a couple others..
but they are not with the rest..
So im not sure.

Sorry I couldnt help more mate.
Wish i could.

Ive only been in the Linux world for about a year.. (not quite, yet)
So most of this stuff is very foreign and new to me also.

Good luck bro. :bow:
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
Hey mate,
Glad you like it. :D

Yes that is AWN.
( I am about a year old linux noob)
So we are almost in the same boat.
and If I can do it, you can do it. lol

To get AWN to look how you want,
you just have to tweak/adjust the theme settings.

Ok, So first~

Try this~
( to make sure it is all working properly)

Download this AWN theme [link]

and install it in AWN.

It is a theme I made myself..
with all of the settings applied/saved..
So when you apply it,
it should appear as it does in my screenshots.

Just in case you dont know how to install a new theme in AWN~

1. Download the file i linked you to above. (and remember where it downloaded to)
2. Open your AWN preferences,
Click on the "Themes" 'tab,
and choose/click "Install".
3. Select the file that you just downloaded, and choose "open".
That will install the new theme for you.

Then you will find it in your AWN themes list.
Just select it, and hit "apply".

Your dock should now look as mine does. (at least for the most part).

Then you can simply go into the theme settings and further customize it to your liking.

I also have a link to an Ubuntu forums post I made a couple months back,
Showing how to customize it all a bit.

I will link you to that shortly.

We'll get you up n goin. lol
Thanks again, <3
depaiao Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010
very beautilu your ubuntu
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010
thanks depaiao! :D
Glad you like it.
yours is pretty sweet to! :) <3
DrawerPal Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
Nice work ! Wow !
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